Another Facepaint Challenge from a fan!

Every now and then a fan challenges me to a Facepaint challenge … And if time permits I try to give it a go!

This time I was challenged to paint a skill Facepaint! Now, I’ve done skulls before, but I’ve been meaning to tweak the design, so thought this was a good excuse to do so!


Anyhow… This is how it turned out… Not bad for something painted at 12midnight I think. 😜

K'Diva facepainting

Lion King Face-Painting Challenge!

Lion King Face-Painting Challenge!

I was challenged by a friend (who had seen someone else’s Lion King face paint) to have a go at painting myself as Scar from Lion King! Well, never one to back down, at crazy o’clock in the night, I thought I’d give it ago!

I’m the Yellow Scar on top! The other is done by an artist who has been doing face-painting for a zillion years.

K'Diva Baby Bump Painting

Get your baby bump/ belly painted for FREE!!!!

IMG_4080 Are you a mum expecting a baby or do you know someone who is?

Nothing is more beautiful than a big, pregnant belly! Why not remember the pregnancy by having a belly painting – for FREE!

Belly painting is relaxing & therapeutic, & a beautiful way to have a memento of your pregnancy! It is actually a tradition that goes back thousands of years, when henna was used (it was believed to bless & protect mother & child during pregnancy & delivery. )

😊 I am a professional Face painter who needs some belly models for photos for my portfolio, which is why I’m doing it for FREE. I am fully CRB checked and only use professional paints that is specifically for the skin. I can also do it in Henna and Glitter Art too! You can specify your own design or I can provide designs for you to choose from. The painting can take an hour or two and can be done in your own home for comfort.

So, if you live in or near East Dulwich and are free on a Thursday or Friday and would love your belly painted, please get in touch. Celebrate your bump!

(Sorry this offer has now expired)