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Make-up Tips for Black Skin


Makeup application can sometimes be daunting at the best of the times, but for those with dark skin getting pass the first hurdle of acquiring the products to use is another drama all together! Here are some tips on how to pick and use makeup products for dark skin:

Contrary to belief, dark skinned people come in lots of different shades and tones. Up until recently, most brands only had a light brown and dark brown shade in their foundation range… but things are changing! Brands such Mac, Iman and even Mary Kay have a great range of tones. Even the more affordable brands such as L’Oreal True Match are getting in on the act!

– When selecting a foundation, test it on your jawline. You are tying to match it with your face AND neck. Women with dark complexions often have an uneven skin tone, so a good foundation will make the tone from neck to face even and seamless. The goal is to keep the skin looking radiant (not dull, which the wrong shade will do) and for the foundation to blend/disappear after applying it on your skin!

– If possible go out into natural daylight to check if the colour is a good match (artificial lighting in shops can be very deceiving). If you can’t find one that matches your skin perfectly, it may help to mix two foundation shades together. If you can get the shop assistant to apply the foundation for you, go for it! That way you can go away for a few hours and really test how it feels and endures on your skin!

– Even though darker skin tones tend be oily or combination, it is important not to forget to moisturise (using a light moisturiser) before foundation application, this helps prep the skin and aids foundation application. Some foundations have matt options to help combat shiny breakouts. If the brand you like doesn’t, an alternative is to use a mattifer and/or use a translucent powder which can be sweep over your face after you have applied your foundation.

For beautiful dark skinned divas, choose colors from rose to deep oranges. While not all darker skin have a “rosy glow” and a blush might not look right, try using a bronzer! You can still highlight great cheekbones with a bronzer, which will add a natural sun kissed glow. Make sure you use a light hand when applying bronzer, instead of only focusing on the cheeks, lightly dust bronzer anywhere the sun would naturally hit your face, such as the hairline, down the center of your nose and on top of the cheeks.
Also remember, if you have oily skin, you should use powder blushes instead of the cream variations.

Dark-skinned women can get away with wearing a lot of different eye shadow colours. The darker your skin, the brighter the colors you can pull off. The trick with eyeshadows is blending, blending, & blending!
Accentuate eyes with brown or black eyeliner. Black mascara will make eyelashes stand out. For extra pizzazz, try false eyelashes.

Any skin tone can wear any colour! Don’t think about lip colours in terms of the depth of your skin tone. It’s all about the undertones! Sure, for darker skin, plums and berries are fool-proof options, but don’t let that stop you from wearing a coral or a hot pink! If you really want the colour to show up, just neutralise your lips by applying concealer/foundation on them first.

Embrace your dark skin and unleash your inner DIVA whilst having fun with your make-up!