K'Diva Make-up course

Diva’s Emerge From Make-Up Course!

Two of my stunning Diva's!
Two of my stunning Diva’s!

Awwww! It is was with a saddened heart that I said goodbye to the wonderful ladies who attended my four week ‘Introduction to Make-up’ workshop, last week.

Saying that, we ensured that we ended the final session on a high! The session was buzzing with energy and enthusiasm as each lady showed off her new makeup skills by completing the task of creating a allocated look from start to finish. Upon completion each lady was rewarded with a well deserved certification!

I must say, it has been a journey not only for them, but me as well! It has been a joy to help and see women literally transform in front of my eyes from unassuming women who have never worn mascara in their lives into confident Divas who without any direction can make themselves over into powerful looking women!

It has been fun! I hope to do something very similar again soon… So watch this page for more details. xxx

Student receiving her well deserved certificate
Student receiving her well deserved certificate
Students independently putting their look together.
Students independently putting their look together.
K'Diva Face-painting

Lil Divas & El Divos

It has come to my attention that our little young uns require as much attention as we do! Therefore, K’Diva has been focusing a lot of its energy these past months in developing a division just for them called LIL DIVAS & EL DIVOS!

Under this umbrella, K’Diva has developed packages to cater for the pampering needs of your little people, which range from face-painted themed events for an El Divo to mini spa nights for a Lil Diva.

For a list of packages available, check out the prices page.



Definition of a Diva

1. one who behaves as a goddess or queen. literally “first lady.”
adj. pronounced (DEE-VAH)-

2. to describe a person who exudes great style and personality with confidence and expresses their own style and not letting others influence who they are or want to be.

3. A person whose character makes them stands out from the rest.

4. Noun; a person’s title in a group of friends or in society that is popular or famous and who many people try to copy.

5. A person who tries to achieve what they want and who do not let people get in their way, and doing so with style and class.