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Lil Divas & El Divos

It has come to my attention that our little young uns require as much attention as we do! Therefore, K’Diva has been focusing a lot of its energy these past months in developing a division just for them called LIL DIVAS & EL DIVOS!

Under this umbrella, K’Diva has developed packages to cater for the pampering needs of your little people, which range from face-painted themed events for an El Divo to mini spa nights for a Lil Diva.

For a list of packages available, check out the prices page.



Strange Face-Paint Requests From Kids

Kids are funny things! They come out with strangest things!

Last weekend, I worked my usual monthly pitch at Tulse Hill market, and a little girl came over and requested to be painted as a COW! Well, I’ve never done a cow face paint design (even though I guess it’s probably the same as doing a dog), but was quite willing to give it a go.

But upon seeing my quizzical face, the little girl changed her mind and said “I’ll be a Meerkat instead!”



K'Diva facepainting

Facepainting Not Just For Kids

Traditionally Face-painting is considered something for kids… But I want to change that misconception!

Facepaints can be used to draw/design almost anything. From fantasy makeup, corporate logos, themed looks, to simple designs which could enhance your clubbing attire!

I actually find doing it on adults more exciting as it tends to be more challenging (unfortunately kids always want to be either a princess or spiderman!).

So, if you are in the London area and fancy doing something different for your next event, go on, challenge me to do some facepainting for you! Or just if you are further afield, suggest something for me to do and I’ll do it on myself!


K'Diva Face-painting

K'Diva facepainting